Green Builders CA works with its commercial clients to create warm, welcoming work spaces which project success while protecting energy consumption and costs. From interior painting to lobby remodels to property additions, Green Builders CA is the professional, conscientious choice.


Painting, Coating, Surfaces

Green Builders CA produces energy efficiency advantages through its application of insulating materials and heat-reflective paints. Our professionalism and attention to detail shine through in all our commercial work.  Our design skills and creative aesthetics come from providing decades of quality service to commercial clients throughout the western continental United States.


Green Builders CA offers general contracting services for retail buildouts and office renovations. Lobby remodels, environmental work space upgrades, energy conservation and insulation, commercial renovations and additions. Our emphasis on seeking out clients who are interested in climate-conscious building practices leads us to build office spaces for startups and independent small businesses all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Energy Efficiency

It is essential to use only the least toxic paints, stains and dyes, and to use only certified LEED products in construction and coatings whenever possible.  Yet the single greatest environmental return a business can create for itself and the community is through employing an intelligent, energy-efficient design.  We take advantage of natural light to reduce electricity consumption, use the safest cutting-edge insulation materials, climate control technology, and heat-reflective paints.  Commercial enterprises can save thousands of dollars per year by taking even just a few simple energy efficiency steps with Green Builders CA