Room Addition Burlingame, CA

The best way to start your room addition in Burlingame is to contact a qualified licensed contractor. Green builders has been building room additions in the bay area penindsula for the past decade. We obtain any permits that are required and provide top of the line design with quality materials.

When a family outgrows their home, often a room addition will provide enough space to be able to accommodate a growing family. The key is to design a multi-functional space that can serve many purposes. There are many reasons you may need to add onto your home. Whether you desire an extra bedroom, a bigger family room, expand your kitchen, a new bathroom addition or any combination of things, we will work according to your budget and make your ideal home addition cost efficient and beautiful.

In Burlingame, room additions are sometimes only possible if you build up. Second story additions can dramatically change the appearance and function of a house, so it’s important to design it right. The flow of your house should not be obstructed by the new addition or remodel, keep in mind that a proper designer/architect will design in accordance to the original lay out of your home.

Green Builders will provide the best team of professional management and field personnel possible to meet your construction quality demands and schedule objectives in a cost-effective manner. Building a room addition can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. A room addition in Burlingame, such as a family room, bonus room or extra bedroom can dramatically enhance the livability and value of your home.

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